A full range of orthodontic treatments are provided at Northo, along with the latest technology and experienced team.
The type of orthodontic treatment is decided upon by your orthodontist through thorough analysis.
You will be offered all available options to help your orthodontic experience fit in with your life.


Treatment For Children

Dr. Haghi is experienced in pediatric and family dentistry. It’s best for the orthodontist to see children by age 7 to advise if orthodontic treatment is required. It is also the best time for a patient to be treated. The first permanent molars and incisors have usually come in by that time and crossbites, crowding, and other problems can be evaluated. When treatment is begun early, the orthodontist can guide the growth of the jaw and incoming permanent teeth. Early treatment can also regulate the width of the upper and lower dental arches, gain space for permanent teeth, avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions, reduce likelihood of impacted permanent teeth, correct thumb-sucking, and eliminate abnormal swallowing or speech problems. In other words, early treatment can simplify later treatment.

Treatment For Teens

Braces have become very hi-tech and less intrusive, resulting in shorter treatment and reduced discomfort. We provide Teen Invisalign® at Northo Orthodontics. Teen Invisalign® is a series of clear aligners that are used to gently move your teeth. We will be able to advise you whether you are suitable for Teen Invisalign®. Orthodontic braces are a big part of life for many teens. Braces have not had the best reputation in the past, however today’s braces allow you to look and feel good all while getting the smile you desire!

Treatment For Adults

The fastest growing age group for orthodontic treatment in Canada and the US is the adult population. Adults have numerous orthodontic treatment options available. The most popular of these treatments is Invisalign®. The invisibility of this method provides minimal interference in day to day activities and as there is no metal, they are also comfortable.

Braces are another treatment option for adults. They are known for effectively positioning the teeth correctly. Porcelain or tooth coloured braces can be used instead of metal braces so that they are less noticeable but work just as effectively.

Treatment Duration

Treatment usually ranges between one to three years, depending on the growth of the patient’s mouth and face and how much work has to be done. It is important to remember that we all grow at different rates and will respond differently to treatment, therefore the timeline to completion that was originally estimated may change. The active and persistent use of any prescribed rubber bands or headgear is a major factor in the most efficient treatment. Maintaining good oral hygiene and keeping regular appointments are important in keeping treatment time on schedule also.

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